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2 Components That May Have Damaged In Your HVAC System And Who To Call In Harrisburg For Help

It is in the middle of summer and you are enjoying binge-watching your favorite television show at home. Here you are sitting on the couch snacking while anticipating what will happen next on the show. As you get up to refill your beverage, you notice that the house seems a little warm. You head over to the thermostat and it shows 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You lower the temperature and continue to the kitchen. Several hours pass and you begin to wonder why it has not cooled down yet. Today, we will talk about 2 components of your HVAC system that may have damaged and who to call to have it repaired.


One of the top causes of your HVAC system not cooling your home is capacitor failure. The capacitor’s job in your HVAC system is to store electricity to start and run your HVAC system’s motor. Some reasons why a capacitor may fail are due to power surges from storms, overheating due to the sun, age, and more. So if you have experienced electrical surges or simply haven’t replaced your capacitor before, it may be due to some of these reasons that your HVAC system’s capacitor has gone bad.


Another vital component of HVAC systems are coils. Coils in your HVAC system essentially work as heat exchangers. This means that coils work with the Freon or refrigerant in your HVAC system. Coils can be damaged because of corrosion, defects, poor installation, and more. So if you’ve checked your capacitor and find no issues there, it may be your coils.


If you are not comfortable checking your HVAC system or did find any noticeable issues during your inspection, you may need to call a professional company to help you. If you are looking for an experienced HVAC company in Harrisburg, PA, to inspect your HVAC system, call the experts at Thermotech Inc.

So when looking for an honest, reliable, and knowledgeable HVAC company in Harrisburg, PA, to inspect and repair your HVAC system, they are the ones you should contact. Call or visit them at the website so you can get back to being comfortable today.