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3 Atlanta AC Repair Options For Do-it-yourself Homeowners

For most homeowners in Atlanta, calling in a professional HVAC service is the easiest and fastest way to manage any air conditioner repair. However, there are some simple, safe steps to take before making the call to ensure the repair is needed.

Common issues in a home can make it appear as if AC repair services are required. By checking these issues before you make the call, it is possible to save money and also have the unit working and cooling your home much faster.

Poor Air Flow and Warm Air

It the air conditioner seems to be working correctly, but it is blowing warm air or has very poor air flow from vents in the home, it may be a problem with the filter. Typically, these filters should be changed every few months during the peak use season in Atlanta, which be from mid-spring to late fall in some years.

This type of AC repair is easy. Simply check the filter on the unit and replace or clean as necessary. Never reuse a single use filter and always choose the recommended filter as a replacement.

Breaker Problems

If there is no power to the unit and it is not turning on, check to make sure the breaker has not been tripped. If the breaker is tripped, flip it on and see the system starts. If the breaker trips again leave it off and call in the AC repair pros.

Thermostat Issues

With smart thermostats and thermostats controlled by apps or zone programming, it is easy for a change to be made accidentally. Make sure all settings are correct on all devices. Even with an older manual thermostat, make sure it is correctly set before calling in the Atlanta HVAC service professionals.