3 Reasons To Consider An Air Conditioning Replacement In Tucson

by | Jan 14, 2021 | HVAC Contractor

When the weather heats up in California, a homeowner’s air conditioning system becomes very important. If the air conditioner is not functioning properly, the homeowner and their family will not be comfortable in the home. Because the air conditioner is so important, the homeowner should be able to recognize the signs that they need an Air Conditioning System Replacement in Tucson rather than a repair.

The Age of the System

According to the Department of Energy, the average lifespan of an air conditioning system is between 15 and 20 years. If the system is malfunctioning and has reached, or is about to reach, its maximum lifespan, the homeowner should consider replacing the current system.

Frequent Need For Repairs

If the homeowner finds they are hiring a professional to repair their air conditioning system often, they should consider having the system replaced. The need for frequent repairs is a sign the system has reached its maximum lifespan and it is time to replace it. It makes more sense financially to replace the system rather than to continue making repairs.

The Unit Uses R-22 Refrigerant

If a homeowner has an older air conditioning unit, there is a good chance that the system uses R-22 refrigerant. If this is the case, the homeowner should have the system replaced. The U.S. government has ordered the phasing out of this type of refrigerant because not only is it toxic, it is also dangerous for the environment.

If a homeowner has a unit that uses this type of refrigerant and the system needs to be repaired, it can be very difficult for HVAC companies to get their hands on the refrigerant. If they can, they will need to pay a great deal of money for it, which will greatly increase the cost of the repair. In time, HVAC companies won’t even be able to get this type of refrigerant to make repairs. Because of this, the homeowner should consider replacing their unit if it uses R-22. If they aren’t sure what type of refrigerant their particular unit uses, they can check the label on the outdoor compressor.

There are some cases where homeowners should repair their malfunctioning air conditioners, and there are other cases where an Air Conditioning System Replacement in Tucson is the best option. For more information on air conditioning system replacement, Visit Done Rite Services.

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