3 Times You Will Need a Professional Electrician During a Bathroom Remodel

by | Oct 2, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

If you are wondering if technology has caught up with bathrooms, then you will be happy to know that indeed it has. If you remember spending Saturday mornings with the Jetsons, then you’ll appreciate the futuristic technology you can add to your bathrooms today. A licensed electrician in Baton Rouge will be happy to help. What are these innovations?

An Entertaining Shower

You can now use your smartphone to turn on the shower so that it will be hot and steamy when you get home. You can watch your favorite drama on the TV in your shower. If you’re in the mood for music, then your Bluetooth could be playing your favorite band as you shower. Want to adjust the light in the shower for a mind-soothing experience? Just touch the wall-mounted screen to get the ambiance you desire.

A Spa Experience

Homeowners preferring baths to showers have options as well. Bathtubs are bigger now and come with jets as well as chromotherapy. You can even have fireplaces and plasma TVs mounted on the walls beside your tub. Your licensed electrician in Baton Rouge can help you create a relaxing bathing experience.

Lighting Innovations

If you are interested in the very latest technological trends in bathroom lighting, then you might appreciate floating spa lights. They have suction cups so that they can be moved as the bather sees fit. They come in different colors and give bath time a relaxing vibe.

Back-lit lighting is trending for bathroom mirrors. The lights are dimmable and eco-friendly. They provide the depth of illumination necessary for a close shave or just the right amount of makeup. Add voice activation to the mirror, and you’ll have a wildly futuristic bath remodel. Many homeowners are also choosing wall sconces in dozens of patterns to add more lighting.

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