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4 Revealing Signs It’s Time to Call for Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat pumps have become popular options for keeping homes comfortable 365 days a year. As efficient as heat pumps are, they can develop problems too when they’re not well-maintained. Homeowners who notice any of the following problems should call for heat pump repair in St Louis.

Noisy Operation
In general, heat pumps operate quietly. Therefore, it makes sense if the heat pump is making a considerable amount of noise during operations that it needs to be looked at. Different types of noises mean different things, so always call a professional to differentiate between the sounds and make the appropriate repairs.

High AC Bills
Heat pumps are known for their efficiency and lower operating costs. While utility bills vary during the summer months, if a monthly bill is excessively high, call an air conditioning technician to inspect the heat pump and fix whatever issue is causing the pump to work harder.

Reduced Cooling Capacity
This is a problem that’s not always easy for homeowners to spot. Often, people assume their air conditioning is running longer or more often because the room temperature is hotter. In reality, what might be happening is the heat pump’s cooling capacity might be the problem.

Short Cycling
Faulty heat pumps often have a problem called short cycling. When this happens, the AC turns on and off more often than it should. Homeowners might not notice cooling issues, but their utility bills will likely be higher than normal. Short cycling needs to be fixed to prevent more damage to the pump, including complete failure.

For questions about heat pump repair in St Louis, contact the family-owned company Classic Aire Care online today.