6 Tips for Maintaining Air Quality With an Air Conditioning Service in Sylvania OH

by | Jan 18, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

If anyone in the household has allergies, they may quickly connect those seasonal irritants with mold, pollen, and other outdoor triggers. However, poor indoor air quality may be to blame for itchy eyes, runny noses, bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory issues. According to the EPA, Americans spend 87% of their time indoors, which means they’re exposed to high levels of pollutants. Thankfully, there are steps homeowners can take to improve the quality of their indoor air.

Prohibit Smoking Indoors

There’s no tolerable level of secondhand smoke exposure. Smoking indoors just once will contaminate the entire house, even if it takes place in a closed room.

Vacuum Frequently

Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner and regularly disinfect carpets to minimize dust and other contaminants brought in from the outdoors.

Wash Bedding Often

Wash comforters, pillowcases, pillows, and sheets in hot water to reduce exposure to allergens and dust mites.

Open the Windows and Let the Air In

Most HVAC units re-circulate indoor air. When the weather permits, open the windows to let some fresh air in, even if it’s only for a short time.

Use Exhaust Fans in Kitchens and Bathrooms

The advantage of an exhaust-equipped range hood is that it removes pollutants and gases from the air in the kitchen. The same principle applies to bathrooms as well; an exhaust fan will remove moisture from the air and reduce fumes from cleaning and bathroom usage.

Change Filters and Clean Ducts Regularly

Frequent HVAC filter changes are crucial to the quality of indoor air. Most of the air in the home arrives through the HVAC system’s ductwork, which can become contaminated with mildew, mold, microbes, and dirt. With regular cleaning and air conditioning service in Sylvania OH, this buildup is removed.

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Along with these steps, homeowners have multiple advanced options for fighting indoor air contamination. A whole-home humidifier keeps indoor humidity at a constant level, minimizing sinus dryness, sore throats, and itchy skin. Click here to learn how the experts can help families improve the quality of their indoor air, or call today to schedule air conditioning service in Sylvania OH.

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