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A Couple of Major Differences Between Residential and Commercial HVAC Repair Work

Many homes in the area are equipped with systems that provide heating, ventilation, and cooling, and these assets can truly be valuable and rewarding to own. Just about every large commercial building will have equipment of a basically similar kind, although the scales involved tend to be correspondingly larger. Commercial HVAC systems also often boast levels of efficiency that are simply not practical in residential environments, as the investment required would be far too large for the average homeowner to justify. Commercial HVAC Repair jobs taken on by companies like Accu Air Mechanical LLC also tend to differ fairly significantly from the norms in the world of residential equipment.

For one thing, scales tend to be quite a bit larger, and that alone can make a difference when it comes to what must be done and how to go about it. Commercial ventilation fans, for example, can be several times as large as even the biggest of residential devices, with airflow rates of many times domestic norms arising as a result. Likewise will the compressors that power a commercial air conditioning system often stand many times taller and wider than what would be typical of residential equipment, with individual parts each possessing the same relative scale.

Those facts alone mean that commercial HVAC Repair work will often be more challenging and involved than in domestic settings, but there are others that up the ante further. The larger, burlier equipment that is typical of commercial environments tends to require a correspondingly greater amount of power, with electric voltages and amperages rising as a result. Because of that, even greater care must often be taken when working with and around such equipment, lest dangerous situations arise that could result in harm to people and property.

Even given these real challenges, though, most work of this kind is carried out in an entirely safe, routine fashion. While it does generally take more training to become qualified to work on commercial HVAC equipment, many of the same principles that prevail in residential settings end up being just as applicable, in practice. While they can be more involved than would be the norm for domestic repairs, commercial fixes tend to be every bit as likely to succeed. You can follow them on Twitter.