A Few Important Reasons Why Your HVAC System Might Be Unusually Loud

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Depending on where your HVAC system is located within your home, you may not even notice that it’s even operating, save for the constant comfort that you enjoy. However, there may be times when it sounds like your HVAC is occupied by a wild animal who wants out. Here are a few reasons why you may notice extra noise from your HVAC system.

Bad Belts

Screeching belts in your HVAC system are one of the most instantly recognizable sounds you can encounter. Easily heard from anywhere in your home, this high-pitched sound results from belts that have become worn out. To ensure the continued, uninterrupted operation of your system, it’s important to enlist the services of an HVAC company near Avondale to replace aging belts and make sure the rest of your system is operating properly.

Bad Relay

You may notice an occasional click from your HVAC system when it kicks on. This sound comes from your thermostat as it sends the electrical pulse to the system that causes it to begin operation. If you hear repeated clicks, however, the thermostat relay may be bad, meaning that your thermostat will be unable to turn on your HVAC system. Therefore, no matter how comfortable you have your thermostat set, your system will never be able to turn on to provide that comfort.

Unbalanced Blower

A rattling or thumping sound within your HVAC system is a sure sign that you need to call in a repair for. Simply search “HVAC near me in Avondale” on your search engine and you will find plenty of options. These sounds are typically caused by an issue with the blower fan, whether it’s unbalanced or simply at the end of its useful life. In any case, a faulty fan will prevent conditioned air from being properly distributed around your home, resulting in discomfort until a repair is completed. To ensure these repairs are finished quickly and properly, contact the service experts of American Home Heating & Air Conditioning at website.

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