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Central Air Conditioning Installation in Houston TX Keeps Residents Cool During the Dog Days of Summer

Central Air Conditioning Installation in Houston TX helps area residents get through the dog days of summer. In this region, it can feel like those days go on forever, with the average high temperature at 91 degrees Fahrenheit in both July and August. The average low then is in the high 70s, and many people find it difficult to sleep in the sultry air. The average high temperature is in the high 80s in June and September.

Dog Days of Summer

What exactly are the dog days of summer? Many people envision the meaning as related to days that are so hot that dogs just lie around, too lazy to move. Actually, the term is connected with an astronomical observation people made on the other side of the world in ancient history.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac explains that the phrase dog days of summer is connected with the sunrise appearance of Sirius, also known as the Dog Star. The 40 days begin on July 3 and end on August 11. The star gradually rises earlier and earlier, becoming more visible before dawn after August 11. The basic idea goes back to a time when Egyptians used the rising of Sirius along with the sun as a watchdog for the Nile River beginning to flood each year.

A Long Muggy Season

Houston residents experience a lot of hot, humid days before July 3 and after August 11. That’s why most area residents want central Air Conditioning Installation in Houston TX to keep their homes cool and comfortable throughout the long, muggy season. They finally start getting more relief from the sweltering heat in autumn and may look forward to the more moderate temperatures of wintertime.

Installation and Annual Maintenance

After installation by a contractor such as Indoor Comfort Specialists, the homeowners can keep the system running at peak efficiency by scheduling maintenance with this company each year. That’s important when so much of the electric bill is connected with running the central air. This service can also prevent breakdowns on those many days that are unpleasantly warm, as technicians replace worn components during the maintenance appointment.