Check These Items Before Calling for Air Conditioning Service in La Quinta, CA

by | Dec 25, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

Many homeowners have had moments where they thought something was wrong with the home’s AC unit, but finding air conditioning service in La Quinta, CA can be overwhelming in terms of costs and inconvenience. The steps listed below can save homeowners money, time, and the hassle of being without a working air conditioner.

Check the Main Power Supply

Most AC repair companies get numerous calls each year where the only issue is a lack of power to the home or the neighborhood. Not only is such an oversight embarrassing on the homeowner’s part, but it also can cause animosity when the service tech tries to collect payment for the service call only to say “Give us a call when the lights come back on.” If the home’s AC isn’t working, check the main power supply before calling for service.

Is the Meter Turned On?

In some areas, many homes are heated by natural gas. For gas-fueled HVAC systems, the meter should be in place and the account should be active. Sometimes, the only issue is that the home’s current occupant has never called to get service activated. This is quite common when a person relocates from a warmer climate where heat is rarely needed.

Check the Circuit Breaker

The next step is to check the home’s circuit breakers. If the breaker for the HVAC unit is tripped, simply reset it. However, the homeowner should consider that these breakers trip when safety issues are detected, and they should call an electrician if it trips again. In most cases, the problem is not in the breaker, but in the home’s wiring.

Check the Indoor and Outdoor Switches

In some municipalities, code dictates that the indoor air handling unit must have an on/off switch. During normal circumstances, this switch may be turned off, disabling the air handler. The outdoor unit should also have a disconnection switch, which should be turned on at all times. If the AC unit is not working as it should, check the switches before calling for Air Conditioning Service in La Quinta, CA.

It can be inconvenient to deal with AC problems during the hottest part of summer, but homeowners can take simple steps to solve some problems. However, if following the above steps do not solve the problem, the homeowner should Visit Website Domain for help.

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