Consider These Three Things Before Getting a New Air Conditioning System

by | Jul 26, 2019 | HVAC Repair

Whether it be summer or any other time of year, you may find yourself having to replace your air conditioning system. Maybe you have a window unit that doesn’t cool enough or maybe you have a central air system that is not doing its job. In either scenario, you may be considering getting a new AC installation in the Simi Valley area. Yet, before you make the decision make sure you consider the following factors.

Know the Status of Your Ducts

If you already have a central AC system, find out what condition your ducts are in. The ducts are responsible for bringing cool air into the home. When they are leaking or otherwise damaged, you could be losing out on a lot of energy. Putting a new system in place with bad ducts will not get you the results you want. In order to maximize your investment, you need to have your ducts repaired first.

If you suspect that your home has duct problems, don’t despair. The same company that does AC installation in Simi Valley can work on your ducts too. The technicians will make sure that the ducts are properly connected and sealed before installing a new AC. In this sense, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Get the Right Size

The most important thing when buying a new AC unit is to get the correct size. A size that is too small will not be energy efficient. A unit that is too big will create too much humidity. Thus, you need to figure out the exact size before making a purchase.

Each AC unit is measured in units of a ton. Most homes need a unit rated at two to three tons. Of course, this number will vary depending on your actual square footage. However, when you work with a professional company that does AC installations in Simi Valley, you can get a proper recommendation.

Installers Make the Process Stress-Free

When you get help from a professional installer, you get the assistance you need. You’ll also benefit from a quick installation process and professional service. It’s worth the investment to hire an installation company in the Simi Valley area.

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