What To Expect During An AC Unit Installation In Allendale, MI

by | May 9, 2017 | Air Conditioning Contractors

In Michigan, air conditioning contractors manage new installations for homeowners. These services require them to provide vital details to the property owner. They must identify units that are compatible with the existing wiring system. If they don’t ensure compatibility, they could produce conditions that present the risk of a circuit overload and a possible fire. The following is information about what to expect during an AC Unit Installation in Allendale MI.

Removal and Disposal of the Old Unit

The contractor shuts down the power to the property for safety reasons. They disconnect the current unit completely from the property. They prepare the wiring for the new unit and determine the best strategies for installing the new unit. Next, they remove the old unit completely and dispose of it as directed by EPA regulations for refrigerants and local requirements for certain appliances.

Positioning the New Unit

The contractor works with their team to position and installs the new unit properly. They must follow the exact instructions provided by the manufacturer. If they don’t follow these instructions, it is possible that they will void the warranty. They must meet all specifications outlined by this manufacturer.

Connecting the Wiring

The contractor connects the wiring as directed as well. They must follow all electrical standards and regulations. This prevents common issues that could lead to dangerous conditions for the property owner. The wiring must be connected and managed according to standards and regulations. The wiring is encased by necessary fixtures.

Installing the Ductwork

The contractor installs the ductwork after all existing ductwork is removed. This lowers the odds of health risks associated with condensation and other environmental developments. The contractor ensures that the ductwork is connected properly. After the installation, the unit is tested for quality.

In Michigan, air conditioning contractors must follow all electrical safety regulations and standards when performing a new installation. They must also dispose of the old unit according to EPA regulations and laws that apply to the area. Homeowners who need a contractor for an ac unit installation in Allendale MI can contact us to schedule an appointment and assess their options today.

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