What To Expect During Duct Cleaning Of Your Atlanta Home

by | Oct 23, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Each of the HVAC companies that offer air duct cleaning may use slightly different equipment as well as different approaches to the task. However, the basic service for any Atlanta home needs to be done essentially the same way to ensure the removal of any layers and coating of dust, mold, mildew and even debris that may be in the system.

Getting Prepared

As a homeowner, it is important to realize that the company doing the duct cleaning has to be able to reach all vents and returns. This may include moving some furniture, which you can do in advance or the company will do when they arrive. It is very helpful if you can let the technicians know where all returns and supply ducts are located. This is particularly important if it is the first time the HVAC service has been to your home for this process.

Most companies will also ask for the driveway to the home to be free from vehicles. This allows the big truck-mounted vacuum system to be as close to the home as possible for easy management of the hoses and pipes that will run into the home.

What Happens

During a professional duct cleaning process, there will be several steps the technicians will need to complete. This includes the use of specialized brushes and “whips” that remove the layers of dirt and other materials from the interior of the duct system.

The system will also be completely vacuumed to pull all the dislodged and free material out of the ducts. This is done with a powerful industrial vacuum, and it will ensure complete removal of debris throughout the system. Compressed air is also used to clean the registers and into the main lines.

During the process, several parts, including the blower and the registers, will be removed and washed. Other parts of the furnace and air conditioner will also be cleaned to ensure all materials are removed and the system is like-new again.

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