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Factors to Consider When Replacing HVAC in Omaha NE

A failing HVAC system is often a source of frustration, from high utility bills to the constant need for repairs. With a new HVAC in Omaha NE, a homeowner may be able to eliminate such issues. When it’s time for a new system, there are a few factors to consider to provide the highest return on the investment.


Central HVAC units use ducts to deliver heated or cooled air to every part of the home. Traditional systems send air from the system to all rooms at the same time, whether or not those rooms are in use. Though closing air registers may funnel more conditioned air to spaces in use, closing too many registers may have an adverse effect. With proper zoning, it’s possible to increase a system’s efficiency by choosing the areas of the home to be heated or cooled. In zoned systems, dampers close and open certain ductwork areas depending on the homeowner’s needs. Zones may be added at any point, but it’s easiest to implement them during a new installation.

Heat Pumps

In warmer areas, cooling is the main concern, while heating is a minor requirement. These homeowners may save money by replacing a traditional HVAC unit with a heat pump. This appliance handles the home’s heating and cooling requirements, eliminating the need to buy and install separate appliances. Heat pumps can be bought as forced air or ductless mini-split setups, which allow homeowners to choose the most efficient HVAC in Omaha NE.

Count on the Pros for Efficient and Reliable HVAC Systems

Though Nebraska gets quite cold at times, it gets hot as well. The experienced team at Accurate Heating & Cooling is pleased to offer installation services that cover heat pumps, air conditioners, thermostats, and more. By working with an indoor comfort expert, a homeowner will learn about the latest custom design options. Once the new system has been installed, they’ll work together to keep it working as efficiently as possible. Find out more about the company’s services by visiting us website or give them a call today to schedule an installation, service, or maintenance.