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Having HVAC Contractors Replace a Furnace and Install Central Air During the Same Appointment

Furnaces don’t last forever, and HVAC contractors in Creve Coeur are available to do the replacement work when the time comes. If the customers still don’t have central air conditioning, this is the best time to have that equipment installed as well. The two projects can be completed on the same day, which results in a lower cost as compared with scheduling these services on two separate appointments.

Natural Gas and Propane

Residents within the municipal city limits have furnaces that run on natural gas supplied by the utility company servicing the area. Outside the municipality, rural residents typically rely on propane gas for their furnaces. Either type can be installed by HVAC contractors in Creve Coeur. The equipment is quite similar, with the propane versions having some modifications to accommodate the somewhat different nature of this fuel.

Central Air

Central air systems run on electricity, but they share the air handler with the furnace. An exterior unit is installed that removes warm air from the home. A fan inside the unit blows that air out of the equipment, so there must be adequate ventilation around it. Inside, the cool air is sent through the same equipment that the furnace uses to send warm air into various rooms. The extra component to be installed inside is a drain hose, since condensation from the central air system must drain somewhere. Usually this goes to a floor drain or sump pump well.

Getting Estimates

When hiring a new contractor to install the equipment instead of the one who did the previous work, the homeowners can expect a technician to come to the home to make an in-person evaluation. That’s the only way the company can provide a reliable estimate for the combined project. Information on one particular company that installs furnaces and central air conditioners can be viewed on Classic Aire Care’s website.

Choosing a recognizable brand name is important. The company will install the models with the highest energy efficiency ratings that fit into the customer’s budget. The best models cost the most, and not everyone can afford those. However, simply replacing an old, deteriorated furnace with a newer model translates to significantly better energy efficiency. Contact Classic Aire Care for more information.