Heat and Cool a Home or Business With Efficiency Using a Superior Heat Pump System

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Avoiding the winter chill can be a tough challenge, and part of the reason for this is the various options available for creating heat. For example, the most common method used for heating a building uses the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. Alternately, the property owner may choose a similar system such as the standalone furnace. However, the best choice for many people is the Heat Pump. The name can be a bit misleading since it implies that the unit only moves heat, but heat pumps are also great for cooling a space as well. Of course, it does this by moving heat out of the area instead of into it.

One reason experts give for selecting a heat pump is the efficiency of the system. Heat pumps work by compressing a small amount of refrigerant which quickly accumulates heat from one area to send to another. This implies that the unit can move heat in either direction which allows the system to cool a space as well as heat it. Like the typical HVAC, the heat pump will move the treated air throughout the space with a series of air ducts.

The Heat Pump works by collecting or eliminating heat through a heat sink. In some cases, this is actually the air that surrounds the appliance. This sort of heat pump is known as an air to air system because the appliance collects heat from the air on one side of the system and releases it on the other side. The direction of refrigerant flow determines where the heat is collected from and where the accumulated heat will be released.

Air to air transfer works because the refrigerant goes through a state change when it is compressed that allows it to collect heat. The heat can be collected because the refrigerant is now at a lower temperature than the ambient air. The difference in temperature lets the refrigerant pick up the residual heat from the unit.

This whole system sounds surprisingly like an air conditioner, but the appliance takes this one step further by being able to heat or cool the space as required. However, the most important reason to consider the heat pump is lower energy costs. A lower electrical bill could actually pay for the appliance or, at the very least, offset any difference in costs. To learn more about heat pumps, contact the experts at.

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