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Why Homeowners Should Schedule Annual Maintenance for Heating And Air Conditioning in Neenah, WI

There are three main purposes for annual inspection and maintenance of residential Heating And Air Conditioning in Neenah WI. One is to prevent breakdowns during the rest of the year. The second is to extend the lifespan of the equipment so it won’t need to be replaced sooner than should be the case. The third is to keep the equipment working at peak efficiency so, utility bills stay as low as possible.

A Preventive Strategy

Essentially, this routine service for Heating And Air Conditioning in Neenah WI should help homeowners save money even though they must pay an affordable fee for the appointment. Emergency service for a furnace breakdown on a bitterly cold January night can easily cost more than the maintenance service that would have prevented the situation. Heating bills can be astronomical in the coldest years, so an efficient furnace is a priority.

Health and Safety

The breakdown of a furnace or central air conditioner can have an impact on the health and safety of the residents. Some individuals have health conditions that make extreme temperatures a serious problem for their well-being. If the furnace quits working when temperatures are below zero, the heat in the home can quickly dissipate. The residents may not want to call for emergency service, but if they don’t, they may face having to rely on space heaters until Monday morning.

Check on Elderly Men and Women

In some instances, elderly men and women are determined not to make a call for emergency assistance. However, they are especially at risk of becoming ill due to excessive heat or uncomfortably cold temperatures. It’s a good idea for family members or neighbors to check on these individuals when the weather is extreme.

Monitoring an Old Furnace

Even with the annual maintenance, an old furnace still may be susceptible to problems developing on cold days when it’s forced to work very hard. Customers of a contractor such as Bob’s Quality Heating & Cooling should not ignore warning signs that something is not working properly. Strange noises, for instance, can indicate that some parts are not working properly. Contact us for assistance.