How an Air Condition Contractor in Punta Gorda FL Helps Customers Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Air Conditioners

A central Air Condition Contractor in Punta Gorda FL can help with the reduction of allergy and asthma symptoms for residents of the household. Figuring out how to decrease these unpleasant symptoms can be an ongoing battle, but effective air filtering and keeping windows closed during high-allergen days helps a great deal. Central air filters block allergens like pollen and mold from getting back into the home.

Air Filtration

With central air conditioning, the home’s air is brought back to the system through return registers in the home. It heads for the air exchange box but first passes through the filter. Without a filter rated high for the blocking of tiny particulates, those substances can pass right through and be redistributed throughout the building. They become stuck in carpeting and rugs, they land as dust on hard surfaces, and the lightest particulates stay suspended in the air for a long time.

Preventing Mold and Mildew Growth

The work of a central Air Condition Contractor in Punta Gorda FL helps prevent mold and mildew in homes because the air stays relatively dry. Without this home improvement feature, the home’s interior is vulnerable to the region’s warm, muggy air. Mold can grow quickly on shower curtains, in back of toilet tanks and even in the soil of houseplants.

Additional Measures

In addition to having a cooling system with excellent filtration, the homeowners must keep the place very clean in order to manage allergy and asthma symptoms. At a minimum, that means having a high-quality vacuum cleaner and using it on all the carpeting at least once a week. Bed linens should be changed that often too. Bedrooms should not have fabric window treatments or blinds that can easily gather dust. Shades are best.

Concluding Thoughts

Since asthma is the most prevalent chronic disease of children and also affects a large number of adults, the installation of a central air system can be very advantageous for a family dealing with this issue. The work can be completed by a company such as AA Temperature Services INC., whose technicians will also service the equipment in the future. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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