How to Know If You Need Emergency AC Repair in Parkville, MO

by | Feb 7, 2024 | HVAC

Everybody loves having an air conditioner. That is when they work. But how do you know when your air conditioner will suddenly stop working, leaving you burning inside during the summer? It looks like your air conditioner might be trying to tell you something. You just need to know what the signs mean.

Knowing what to look and listen for can help avoid problems and save yourself a headache. Here are some signs that you need emergency AC repair in Parkville, MO.

Strange Noises

A fan inside an air conditioner makes a noise when it works. However, if you hear bubbling sounds or some other strange sound that the unit has never made before, the air conditioner is likely about to give up. If your air conditioner is making strange noises, don’t ignore them. It might be the first sign that you require AC repair in Parkville, MO.

Rapid Cycling

Your air conditioner will probably turn on more often when it’s really hot outside. But the times when the unit isn’t working should be pretty much the same. If your AC turns on and off more often than usual, even on days when it’s not very hot, you may need AC repair or a new unit.


Your air conditioner should indeed be cold. That being said, if ice forms on the parts, such as the evaporator coil, a problem needs to be fixed by a professional from a place such as Schomburg Heating & Cooling, Inc.

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