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How to Prepare Morton Grove HVAC for the Upcoming Winter Season

Winters in the Chicagoland area aren’t forgiving. They’re brutal and deliver a one-two punch with snow and ice. So, it’s essential that households make sure their Morton Grove HVAC system is ready to do its job.

Schedule a Seasonal Maintenance Check

The first thing households should do is schedule a seasonal maintenance check with local HVAC professionals. A seasonal tune-up before the heating unit is needed ensures there won’t be any problems. Technicians will clean the heating system to remove any dust buildup and check to make sure all its motorized parts are working as intended. The technicians will address any issues and make the appropriate repairs if any issues are detected.

Cover the Outdoor AC Unit

Preparing the HVAC system for winter also means keeping the AC side of the system well protected. Purchase an inexpensive cover for the outdoor unit to keep ice from building up inside the unit and damaging the fins.

Replace the Filter

The technician will replace the heating system’s filter during the seasonal maintenance check. However, replacing it once isn’t enough. Households must replace their HVAC systems’ filters every month to keep the system from overworking and to preserve good indoor air quality.

Check Propane Levels

Households with a propane-fueled gas furnace want to check their outdoor tank’s propane levels. Schedule a propane check and fill the tank to prevent unexpected heat loss mid-way through the winter season.

For more information about preparing, one’s Morton Grove HVAC system for a Chicagoland winter, contact Heatmasters Heating & Cooling online by visiting their website.