Importance of an Extended Warranty

by | Jan 24, 2018 | HVAC Contractor

Having a warranty for the major appliances in your business is an important part of being a business owner. This coverage is not the same as insurance but provides additional service coverage to key appliances and systems that your business utilizes. Insurance policies cover the building itself and the structural components such as the roof and basement. A warranty covers other major components of the business, especially appliances and electronics. These types of warranties cover:

  • Electrical systems – the wiring and the appliance connected to the electrical system
  • Heating and cooling systems – includes the units, thermostats, and ductwork
  • Big ticket appliances- fridges, printers, copies, and similar items can be covered
  • Plumbing systems – pumps and wells and water heaters
  • Business HVAC systems- the climate control system and all of its parts
  • Other items as allowed- check with the warrantee granter to see what all is covered

Coverage When You Need It Most
The importance of an extended warranty can be see and felt when things go wrong. Imagine you just bought some key appliances and systems for your business as office appliances and a new HVAC system for the building. With the warranty, if a system breaks down within the time frame covered by the warranty, then the repairs or replacements will be covered, and you will not have to pay full price. It is like insurance for what is likely to happen in some situations. Many business owners get warranties to cover critical systems and systems that are expensive to repair or replace fully- HVAC systems being one of the biggest.

Coverage that Matters
When you need help repairing, maintaining, or replacing your HVAC in Waxahachie TX, whether you have an extended warranty or not, we are here to help! Call Direct Service Air today and we can help you with your HVAC system repairs as well and many other needs that you may have!

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