Important Questions to Ask your HVAC Contractor

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The importance of getting the right person for the job of installing your HVAC system cannot be overstated. Getting the wrong person can backfire on your both personally and financially, and both in massive ways respectively. The best way to combat this is actually quite simple: asking questions. Asking questions of your HVAC contractor is one of the easiest ways to discern whether or not they’re a service you want to employ. There are many different questions you should ask your HVAC contractor before putting any pen to paper, but this article will go over the most important. So, if you are looking for HVAC contractors in Ajax ON, and want to know how best to judge them for ability, judge them based on their answers to the following questions.

How Do You Discern Whether you’re Recommending the Right System for me or Not?

Technology lives in an ever increasing state of fast forward nowadays, so if you’re looking for repair or replacement for your HVAC system, a lot has changed in the 10-15 years between when it was installed and now. Systems have been updated, interior technology has been streamlined and made more efficient etc. And so, you need to figure out what kind of system would make the best replacement for your old AC unit.

What Kind Of Training Does Your Salesperson In Charge Of My Quote Have?

Consider this one capital-V Vital. A salesperson who is put in charge of your quote is essentially in charge of determining how much you’re going to be charged for the service. And a lot of HVAC companies like employing salespeople for this specific job who have absolutely no background working in HVAC, and thus no business determining how much something is going to cost. This is done so these companies can ratchet up the price tag. Unfortunately, this also results in a lot of systems being installed being faulty or improperly sized. Write this question down and make sure you have it memorized when you go in that first time.

What Is and Is Not Included In the Quote

This is an often overlooked question, which is a shame because it’s almost as critical as #2. If you aren’t well versed in them, quotes for a car and a quote for an HVAC unit can sound exactly alike from one another. However, there are worlds of differences, and the devil is in the details. Make sure you write down every example they give you as an answer to this question.

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