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Improve Health with Duct Cleaners in Appleton WI

Ducts in the home or a business are often inadvertently neglected because they are out of sight and out of mind. This situation will result in poor air quality which leads to declining health and wellness. It is crucial to remember that ducts circulate air throughout the entire space, so bacteria, allergens and dust particles are constantly moving around each room. Consider that scenario for a minute.

Build Up

In addition to particles in the air that effect quality, ducts will contain a build up of dirt, grime, grease, and odors. The mixture of debris lurking in the ducts contributes to many health problems. Allergies and asthma symptoms increase and flare up, headaches will be more frequent, and germs will continue to cause colds and flu to the whole family. Muscle aches, difficulty concentrating, and nausea are also the result of caked on debris in the system.

Methods of Cleaning

The most common method used by duct cleaners in Appleton WI is vacuuming. Ducts are vacuumed out with high-powered equipment that cleans the air supply, registers, and return air ducts. The method improves the quality of the air but will not eliminate odors or rid the system of debris clinging to the sides and bottom of the duct system.

Experienced technicians, such as those at Bob’s quality heating and cooling, will take the time to brush out ducts before vacuuming. This is done to loosen that built up debris so it will be eliminated along with impurities in the flowing air. The outcome is superior air quality that is more affordable than people think.


Improved health allows people to maintain a high level of wellness. It also cuts down on visits to the doctor and the number of medications and supplies required to correct conditions. Prescription drugs, over-the-counter cold and pain relievers, and time away from work are costly. Saving money is another benefit of contacting duct cleaners in Appleton, WI.

One way to ensure ducts are cleaned as often as needed is to participate in a maintenance plan. The company calls you when it is time for cleaning so remembering is no longer an issue. Air quality is better all year around and health concerns are diminished.