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Is Your Commercial Heating System Ready for Cold Weather?

In the Pacific Northwest winters are sometimes mild, but it can get cold too. In fact, you need to make sure your commercial heating system is up to the task this winter. If you want dependable and trouble-free heating this season, these tips from your HVAC maintenance professionals in Everett can help.


When ducts are not properly sealed, some of your warmed air may not make it to your interior. Leaky ducts not only let air escape, they can cause your system to not heat properly. You could have cold areas in your building and not know why. HVAC maintenance specialists in Everett can check your ductwork to make sure it is properly sealed. They have years of experience with HVAC systems and can design and fabricate anything you need for your business.

New Wall Thermostats

There are several reasons to install new wall thermostats in your business. First, they are digital and attractive and can impress customers or clients. However, the most important reason involves efficiency. You can program your heating system to 64 degrees or less when no one is there and up to 68 or 70 degrees when your building is occupied. This saves you on energy, and no one notices the difference.

You may want to ask your HVAC maintenance pros in Everett about thermostat smart systems. They can take care of multi-zone heating systems and monitor heat pumps and components like coils and fans. This can help you avoid downtime from breakdowns.


Maybe your heating and cooling system is more than 15 years old. This is a good time to consider upgrading to a new efficient HVAC system. HVAC specialists like MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions can give you custom designed and installed systems and show you how to maintain efficiency. These companies can do many things for your business.