Issues That a Homeowner May Notice When It Is Time for Furnace Repair in San Marcos

by | Feb 9, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

The chill of winter will cause a homeowner to run their heating system more than usual. The heating system in a home has a variety of components that must work together in order to for the right temperature to be achieved. The furnace produces heat that is then pushed through the ducts of the HVAC system. This part of the HVAC unit will require maintenance and repairs over the years in order to stay functional. In most cases, a homeowner will have a variety of different warning signs when it is time for Furnace Repair in San Marcos. Below are some of those warning signs and what may be causing the repair issues.

A Sudden Loss of Heat

The most noticeable sign that it is time to get a furnace repaired is a sudden loss of heat. This problem can be very inconvenient for a homeowner who is trying to stay warm during the frigid months of winter. There are so many different issues that can cause this problem such as a pilot light being out or even electrical problems with the unit. Professionals will be able to come in and troubleshoot the issues that a homeowner is having so that the right repairs can be done.

Noticeably Short Cycles

If the homeowner starts to notice that their heating unit is cycling on and off quickly, then they will have to get it checked out. In most cases, this problem will be caused by a lack of airflow. Among the most common source of this type of obstruction is a dirty air filter. In order to learn about how frequently the air filter will need to be changed, a homeowner will have to take the time to speak with a professional in the industry. The professionals will be able to assess the age of the unit among other factors to determine how often the filter has to be changed.

By hiring the right professionals to perform Furnace Repair in San Marcos, a homeowner will be able to stay warm during the winter. At domain URL, a homeowner will be able to get the help that they need to keep their unit running at peak condition.

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