Meat Processing Plants in California Are Lucky to Have Commercial Freezers

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Refrigeration

As a meat processing plant in California, you are always in need of commercial freezers and refrigeration. The size and magnitude of industrial refrigeration systems in California are the direct result of having companies out here immediately available to construct what you need. Given the enormous demand for cold storage of this type in a state where it is mostly warm most of the year, your meat processing plant is very lucky to have industrial refrigeration systems in California. Here’s a sample of what these companies can do.

stem@@##12Build Massive Cold Storage Warehouses for Meat Storage

When you process and butcher a lot of cattle, pigs, or poultry for human consumption, all of that meat has to go somewhere. Exposure to elevated temperatures without cooking the meat creates a nasty bacterial situation that can make consumers sick. If you need more cold storage than what your plant has already, you can get an entire warehouse-sized freezer made for storing meat.

Segregated and Individually Regulated

Let’s say you want to store poultry separate from beef, but you need it all in the same cold storage. You can build a massive walk-in freezer of sorts where there are dividing doors and rooms for different meats. Then everything is kept in its own storage and is not contaminated by something from another meat locker.

If you need more cold storage for your meat processing plant months ago already, contact TKS Cold Storage MFG & Construction today to get an estimate.

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