Now Is The Time To Have Air Conditioning Systems In Toledo OH Serviced

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Air Conditioning

Summer has arrived and the humidity is not far behind. Now is the best time to have air conditioning systems in Toledo OH serviced. If the air conditioner has not been cleaned and checked, it could result in high-energy costs and less than adequate cooling in a home. A trained technician will thoroughly inspect an air conditioning system and determine if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

If an air conditioner is ten or more years old, an owner should consider purchasing an energy efficient unit. The air conditioning units that are manufactured today will improve the cooling in a home and save a homeowner money during operation. When an air conditioner is properly sized for a home and regularly maintained, it will keep everyone in the home comfortable without continually turning the thermostat down to gain the same results.

Regular Maintenance

When a homeowner has regular maintenance performed on their air conditioning system, a technician will clean the outside condensing unit of leaves, sticks, grass and any other types of debris. The technician will also check the refrigerant level and clean the contacts on the unit. The motor will be oiled and the indoor coil and drain will be checked and cleaned if necessary.

After the unit work is completed, the technician will measure the temperature rise and calibrate the thermostat. These inspections and repairs will extend the life of an air conditioning unit and keep energy bills low.

Receiving An Estimate

A reputable HVAC contractor will provide a homeowner with a free estimate of air conditioning systems in Toledo OH. A unit that is too small is just as bad as a unit that is too large. With a free estimate, a homeowner will not have any surprises to contend with when the project is over.

Saving money with a new air conditioning system will help to pay for the new unit. It never hurts to ask the HVAC company if they are offering any specials that will provide a homeowner with additional savings. If you are interested in staying cool this summer, visit website domain. They have years of experience providing outstanding air conditioning and heating services.

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