Preventing the Need for Emergency Cooling System Repair in San Marcos TX

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Having a central air conditioner professionally maintained every year can delay any need for emergency cooling system repair in San Marcos TX for a long time. Technicians spot problems waiting to happen and do the necessary work so that the system operates as it should through all its months of use. That might mean making adjustments, fixing problems or replacing components.

Routine maintenance also extends the lifespan of the equipment and keeps it running at peak efficiency. It’s a reasonably small amount to pay every year to avoid the greater cost of emergency repair service on one of the hottest summer days.

Symptoms Indicating the Need for Repairs

As the equipment ages, there is a greater likelihood it will need cooling system repair in San Marcos TX at some point during the year. The unit might stop working unexpectedly or it may not function as it should. Homeowners might notice an inability of the equipment to keep up with the thermostat setting even though it’s still running.

Examples of Problems

A refrigerant leak may have developed. If regular maintenance hasn’t been performed, the outdoor condenser coils may have become blocked with dirt and organic debris. The unit functions by removing heat from the indoor air. It can’t do that if the coils are clogged.

The Importance of Professional Service

Some men and women are tempted to try fixing their own central air equipment if something goes wrong. However, they must realize that heating and cooling technicians have a great deal of specialized training. They also do not work without supervision until they have acquired a certain amount of experience. Trying to fix a central air conditioner as a do-it-yourself project is generally inadvisable.


The state of Texas requires heating and cooling technicians, as well as contractors in this industry, to be licensed. Homeowners will want to do business with a company such as AIM A/C and Heating Services so they are assured that this requirement is followed. This type of company not only has its technicians licensed by the state but by the Environmental Protection Agency as well. Browse our website to learn about this particular contractor.

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