Prolong the Lifespan of an Old Heater With Water Heater Repairs Bainbridge Island Residents Trust

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Repair and Service

When deciding between repairing an old water heater and completely replacing it with a new one, homeowners should begin by asking themselves three questions. The first is how old is the heater? The second: before it began to malfunction, was it providing enough hot water to meet the household’s needs? And finally, does the heater leak?

Leaking water heaters are difficult to repair. Homeowners who notice standing water near the heater unit should be advised that the best solution is to have it replaced as soon as possible. Even minor leaks can quickly degenerate into serious problems, including flooding and extensive water damage. But if they are not leaking, even older water heaters can often be repaired to increase their lifespan and put off a costly replacement.

Broken or malfunctioning heater elements, sediment buildup inside the tank, and improperly adjusted thermostats can all be easily fixed. Call one of the contractor specializing in Water Heater Repairs Bainbridge Island residents rely on for their hot water needs. If the heating element is confirmed to work and the thermostat is adjusted to the household’s temperature needs, the necessary repairs may be more costly. Most heaters come with either five or ten year warranties, and it can be assumed that they will work reliably for at least this long with only minimal repairs. But if the heater in question is more than fifteen or twenty years old, it’s probably time to consider purchasing a new one.

Other considerations such as household size and the quality of water being heated are also relevant. Growing families require more water as time goes on, putting more strain on an old water heater. Although the water heater repairs in Bainbridge Island homeowners perform can help an older heater to last a few extra years, they can’t work miracles. Mineral buildup from hard water in some areas and increased use will both decrease a unit’s efficiency and lifespan.

The best way to tell whether it is more practical to repair an old heater or invest in a new one is to contact a professional. Whether homeowners are in need of repairs or a complete replacement, Quality Heating Electrical & AC provides the services they need at a reasonable price.

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