Proper Maintenance And HVAC Repair Services In Chino, CA Keep You Comfortable

by | Jan 12, 2016 | HVAC Repair

Nothing is worse during an extremely hot or cold spell than to have a malfunctioning HVAC unit. Preventative maintenance is the best investment someone can make in maintaining the system and extending its life. HVAC repair services in Chino CA can check both the air conditioning and heating systems in a home on a yearly basis. This eliminates breakdowns during the heating and cooling seasons. It’s similar to giving an HVAC system a yearly physical. Costly repairs can be avoided when a technician identifies smaller issues during the inspection. Obtaining a service maintenance agreement with one company will keep all of the HVAC repair and inspection records in one location.

HVAC repair services in Chino CA can take care of heating, cooling, air filtration, humidifiers, air balancing germicidal UV lights, and any other equipment related to heating and cooling in a building. The services in a maintenance agreement include checking of:

Air Conditioning Service

     *     Operating pressure

     *     Wiring

     *     Connections

     *     Voltage

     *     Blower assembly

     *     Lubricate parts

     *     Temperature splits

     *     Thermostat operation

     *     Condensation line

     *     Refrigerant charge and pressure

     *     And much more.

Heating Services

     *     Operation of smoke detectors

     *     Operation of carbon monoxide detectors

     *     Safety controls

     *     Adjust burners

     *     Inspect flue, vent and cap

     *     Heat exchanger

     *     Ductwork

     *     Gas leaks

     *     And many other services.

Before the summer months begin, the air conditioning services can be performed and, before the winter months, the heating services will be performed. An HVAC unit that operates at peak performance can save energy. Maintenance agreements providing preventative maintenance can ensure the equipment is always operating properly. If the unit should have a breakdown, emergency service is available 365 days a year at a discounted rate. Customers will also have priority scheduling and discounts included in the maintenance agreement. Although a minimal amount of money will be spent on a maintenance agreement, it is minor compared to what replacing a furnace could cost a homeowner.

Being proactive with a heating and cooling system in a home with a maintenance agreement is highly recommended. It can give a homeowner the peace of mind they need throughout the heating and cooling seasons.

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