Questions and Answers From Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors in Portland Oregon

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The new, or even experienced, homeowner can face a plethora of challenges when dealing with a new heating system. Usually, the answers or solutions are pretty straightforward and can be dealt with fairly easily. Here are some common questions and answers from Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors in Portland Oregon.

Q. Can a programmable thermostat save money?

A. Absolutely! By reducing the temperature on the thermostat while at work, during the nighttime sleeping hours, or when gone from the house for extended periods, experts estimate that savings can reach as high as 30% of the original bill.

Q. Do the coils or blowers need to be cleaned on a regular basis?

A. Yes! A buildup of dust measuring merely. 40 inches may result in over a 20% reduction in unit efficiency. This is a dramatic effect.

Q. Will a new furnace function just like an old furnace?

A. Most likely not. While they may be similar on a surface level, heating technology has grown by leaps and bounds from the days of old. The new heater should heat quicker and run smoother with less noise than an older unit. They should be far less noticeable when they are running than when older ones did.

Q. Should outdoor units be covered when the winter months arrive?

A. This is not necessary. All modern units are built to be waterproof. Hence they have no need for extraneous coverings.

Q. What does an AFUE rating indicate?

A. AFUE stands for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratio. This ratio indicates the percentage of heat generated for every dollar that is spent. The higher the AFUE rating, the more efficient the heating unit is. Every single heating unit that is manufactured in the United States and sold by Air Conditioning And Heating Contractors in Portland Oregon must have a minimum rating of 78%. Most units that are older than 15 years will fall far short of this rating.

For more answers to commonly asked questions, contact a reputable and experienced company such as. Knowledge and a love of the heating industry are what are needed to make sure the experience of having a new unit installed is a pleasant one.

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