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Questions and Answers About commercial heating unit repair In Centerville, OH

Business owners who are having issues with their heating units must get them fixed as soon as possible. When it’s cold outside, customers and employees will be uncomfortable inside the building when the heater isn’t working properly. Read the questions and answers below to learn essential information about commercial heating unit repair in Centerville OH.

What are some common reasons for commercial heater failure?

The most common causes for a commercial heater to work improperly are usually due to minor issues with the system. When the heater isn’t warming the building like it should because of limited airflow, it’s probably time to replace the dirty air filter. The unit may also constantly switch on and off if the air filter is clogged with dirt and dust.

Another common reason why a heater may not work properly is due to a thermostat that’s not functioning correctly. The heater may continue to run, but the temperature in the room may not be warm enough.

Can business owners fix their commercial heater if it isn’t working?

Business owners can check a few things before contacting a professional for a service visit. If the furnace isn’t running at all, business owners should check the circuit breaker to make sure there’s electricity running to the heater. An inconsistent temperature in the building may be an indication that a thermostat needs attention.

Business owners can also examine the air filter and if it’s filthy, they should put a new one in its place. Business owners should check the condition of the air filter periodically and change it when it’s dirty.

How can business owners tell if their heater should be repaired or replaced?

When commercial heating unit repair in Centerville OH technicians look at a heater, they can tell if the unit can easily be repaired or if it’s time to invest in a new unit. If the unit is several years old and if the repairs will be very expensive, business owners should purchase a new one.

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