Reasons to Call a HVAC Contractor in Queens, NY Today

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Until recently, the home heating and cooling system has done a great job. Rather than assuming the current problem has to do with the age of the unit, it makes sense to arrange for a professional to take a look. Depending on the nature of the issue, it may be time for a new system. Here are some of the signs that the time to call for help is now.

The Air Should Be Cooler

There was a time when the air conditioner had to be kept on a lower setting because of the frigid air emerging from the vents. Now it seems that setting the thermostat lower still leads to the expulsion of tepid air. Something is not right with the system, and it makes sense to find out what’s happening. The problem could have to do with the main unit, but it could also be something wrong with the duct work. The only way to get to the bottom of the matter is to have a HVAC Contractor in Queens NY take a look.

The System Makes a Lot of Noise

The assortment of rattles, thuds, and other noises that the system makes has gotten worse over the last month or so. At one time, the sounds were easy to ignore. Now they are so pronounced that trying to sleep at night is getting to be a problem. Instead of dealing with bleary eyes and an increasingly ill disposition, the best move is to call a professional and have the system checked. If it is beyond repairs, that professional can help the client select a replacement. Browse website for more details.

The Utility Bills are Out of Control

Over the last few months, the cost of running the system has increased. The power company has not changed the rates and the weather is no different than it normally is this time of year. What has changed is how much energy the unit is consuming. Some new parts may be all that’s needed. If so, the HVAC Contractor in Queens NY can have them installed in no time. If things are dire, then it’s time for a new unit.

Don’t put up with the situation any longer. Call Inter County Mechanical Corp today and arrange for a pro to take a look. Whatever is wrong can be corrected with the right action.

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