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Residential Furnace Service in Toledo, OH Keeps Families Safe

There are many reasons to consider residential furnace service in Toledo OH, but none is more important than keeping a family safe. Of course, it’s also important to keep operating costs as low as possible, but heating experts routinely agree that keeping up with recommended maintenance is vital for safety throughout the heating season.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is Always a Threat

When gas and oil furnaces are in use, there is always a risk of carbon monoxide (CO) leaking into the living areas and threatening residents. There are a couple of ways carbon monoxide finds it’s way into living areas, and furnace experts are always available to check for CO leaks.

One way experts providing Residential Furnace Service in Toledo OH see carbon monoxide entering living areas is through leaks in the vent system. Improperly installed vents allow carbon monoxide to enter the area around the heating plant, which frequently leads to residents being directly exposed when they are near the furnace. Leaking CO can also be sucked into the return air system, which then allows that gas to be distributed throughout the home. Ask your furnace expert to check the vent system thoroughly.

The other way CO can easily contaminate the air in a home is when the combustion chamber in the furnace is cracked. Combustion chambers expand and contract constantly when the heating system is in use, and metal fatigue generally results. When cracks occur, CO escapes and enters the area where the system’s air is heated prior to circulating through the home. The condition of the heat exchanger should be checked at least once per year to avoid issues.

Discovering Potential CO Issues Is Possible

Every home where fossil fuel devices of any kind are in use should have CO detectors installed to alert homeowners anytime CO levels reach dangerous levels. They are inexpensive and provide great protection for a home’s occupants. The majority of CO detectors will fail after five to seven years of use. However, it always pays to pick up a test kit at just about any home store to verify the condition of a CO detector.

Safety is always important, and routine maintenance provides a level of safety homeowners need. Click here to find more information or to schedule service for your heating system.