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Signs Of the Need for AC Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

There’s no fun in a high bill for ac repair in Colorado Springs CO, especially when the cost is avoidable. Often, a home’s AC unit will exhibit warning signs as things go wrong, and not paying attention can be costly. Here, local experts share some of the top signs of AC unit failure.

A Foul Odor When Turning the Unit On

If the unit emits an unpleasant odor every time it’s switched on, there’s a problem. Mold in the unit or the ductwork will create a musty, foul smell. If there’s a burning smell, the unit’s internal wiring may need repair or replacement.

High Cooling Bills

With normal daily usage, homeowners shouldn’t see a sharp increase in their utility bills. However, if spending goes up with no increase in usage, leaky ductwork or a broken thermostat may be to blame.

No Air From the Vents

If thermostat adjustments aren’t having the desired effect, other problems may be at play. Perhaps the air switches on but it’s not coming from the vents the way it should. Ductwork issues are the most probable cause, but it could indicate a failed air compressor as well.

Noises From the Unit

If the AC unit is making loud noises, it’s important to pay attention to them. Squealing sounds are an indication of a slipping, worn, or broken belt. Grinding noises often point to an issue with the compressor’s motor bearings. In either case, call for Ac Repair in Colorado Springs CO.

Frequent On-and-Off Cycling

When a system short-cycles, it turns on, only to turn itself off soon after. Short-cycling isn’t normal for a home AC unit. Built-up debris may cause a unit to work harder than it must, which leads to overheating, power cycling, and other problems.

It’s important for homeowners to take immediate action when they notice problems with a home cooling unit, and prompt service can prevent costly repairs. If a customer experiences any of the warning signs on this list, they can count on the team at Smith Plumbing & Heating to provide efficient, quick, and friendly service. Call today to schedule an appointment or visit their website for more details.