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Signs That It’s Time to Contact a Professional Plumber in Charleston, SC

As a homeowner, you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your home, including the plumbing. While you may be able to handle some simple repairs and maintenance tasks, there are times when it is best to leave the work to a professional. Here are three signs that it’s time to contact a professional plumber in Charleston, SC.

1. You have a major plumbing leak: A small drip from a faucet can typically be fixed with a quick repair, but if you have a major leak, it’s time to call in a professional. A major leak can cause extensive damage to your home and will likely require more than just a simple repair.

2. Your drains are clogged: If your drains are backing up or slow to drain, this could be a sign of a severe problem that will only continue to grow when left unchecked. While you may be able to clear the blockage yourself, it’s always best to leave this type of work to a professional.

3. Your water pressure is low: Low water pressure often indicates a problem with your home’s main water line. If you notice a sudden drop in water pressure, you should call a plumber to have the line checked and repaired.

These are just a few signs that it’s time to contact a plumber in Charleston, SC. If you are experiencing any of these problems or have any other concerns about your home’s plumbing, don’t hesitate to contact Smoak’s Comfort Control. Their plumbers have the training and experience necessary to properly diagnose and repair any plumbing issue, big or small.