Situations that Require Drain Cleaning Services in Tucson

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Air Conditioning

The drain system is one of the most important parts of a home’s plumbing. It has to take everything that is put into it and drain it away. This would be easy if all it had to drain anyway were water. But often the drain has to deal with more than just water running through its system. There are quite a few things that drainage system has to deal with that can easily clog it up.

One of the big things that causes drain clogs is paper products. Whether it is a person using an excessive amount of toilet paper or a child who loves watching paper going down the toilet, these products can eventually clog it up. Sometimes, the only way to get it unclogged if it is packed very tightly is by calling the Drain Cleaning Services in Tucson. While toilet paper certainly is a necessity, too much of it will cause problems in the plumbing.

Another thing that can cause issues in the plumbing is the accumulation of hair. It is often hard to see this type of clog. But hair has a way of entangling and grabbing onto stuff even if you think it has gone down the drainage system. This ensnaring effect can cause major issues in turns and bends in the piping. It isn’t always noticeable of what is wrong until after the sink starts backing up. Cleaning this type of clog may require professional services especially if the clog can’t be reached or displaced by other methods.

Grease is another threat to drains. Grease can solidify into a solid mass and stop the drainage of water. Dumping any type of grease down the drain is not advised. But if you ignored that rule, you will eventually need to clean out your drains to get rid off the buildup that occurs when grease is in the system. So, a regular call to a Drain Cleaning Services in Tucson should be done if you intend on ignoring this rule.

There are many things that can clog a drain. While the system is designed to work perfectly for water, it is often not designed to handle other things. Thus, a backed up sink indicates there is more in the drainage pipes than there should be.

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