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Some Helpful Information and Tips on AC Maintenance in Los Angeles

Life is better with a functioning AC. How is yours working? If it’s fine, then with only a bit of light AC maintenance in Los Angeles, you can help ensure that it stays that way.

Clean Regularly

A little regular cleaning will go a long way in helping keep your AC purring right along. Wiping the unit and its vents will prevent it from getting bogged down by dust and will also give you cleaner air. You’ll want to clean the part of your AC that lives outside as well. You don’t want it getting covered by sticks and leaves that could compromise its performance.

Change Filter

Clogged filters are one of the main reasons for AC failure, and they’re probably the easiest and cheapest part of your unit to replace. When your filter is clogged, it has a near-impossible time of doing its job because it needs unobstructed airflow to cool your house effectively. Some AC units have sensors that warn you when your filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. It’s good to heed this warning; it’ll save you hundreds or thousands in repair costs.

Control Heat Entry Points

Your AC’s workload depends heavily on the temperature of the space it’s trying to cool. You can help your unit out by having your windows closed when it’s hot. Additionally, putting curtains up to block the sun will also go a long way in helping keep things cool.

Regular Professional Inspection

DIY AC maintenance in Los Angeles is fine, but nothing beats the eye of a professional. By calling one for periodic services, you’ll help prolong the life of your unit and avoid costly repairs. They’ll do an inspection to make sure everything is running great and fix any problems they find.

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