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Taking Comfort with Heating Systems in Madison, AL

Heat means warmth and coziness in the cooler fall and winter months. When temperatures outside drop, we turn our heat on with the hope of sitting warm and snuggled up. When something goes wrong with our heating systems, it can be jarring and uncomfortable. This is why staying on top of regular maintenance is important.

Why Do I Need to Clean My Furnace Regularly?

Cleaning furnaces helps heating systems operate at optimal levels. Without regular maintenance and cleaning, your furnace and ductwork can get dirty. After a while, the dirt buildup causes lower energy efficiency and also wastes fuel. This can be quite costly to you over time.

In a furnace, dirt can affects multiple parts significantly. First, it can affect the filter system. When particles get caught up in the filter, it is harder for air to move through it. In order to get the air pumping out to heat your home, the furnace has to work much harder. The furnace exerts more energy this way, burning both more fuel and more money.

The second part of the furnace that dirt can affect is the blower. Extra dirt on the blower causes the blower motor to work harder to push the air around, thus costing more in energy. In order to prevent expenses related to your furnace this winter, consider contacting a company that specializes in heating systems in Madison, AL.

When Do I Clean My Furnace?

Ideally, cleaning your furnace would take place at the beginning of the cold season. To maximize savings on your energy bill, cleaning your furnace and ducts once per month would be the best scenario. This can ensure that your furnace is functioning properly and reduce later costs of larger maintenance jobs because it works as a preventative.

In addition to cleaning the furnace, you should also clean your ductwork. Clean ducts means cleaner air quality. This reduces allergens, prevents the growth of mold, eliminates the amount of dust in your home, and even reduces energy costs. Contact Southern Comfort HVAC, LLC to stay on top of regular maintenance and cleaning to save you money in heating.