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Technicians Providing Home HVAC Services in Hoffman Estate Emphasize the Importance of Clean Air Filters

Heating and cooling technicians continue to be surprised at the problems people could avoid simply by changing a system’s air filter as recommended. Technicians who provide Home HVAC Services in Hoffman Estate are accustomed to fixing issues that occurred because of very dirty filters. Instead of paying for six affordable pleated filters and putting a new one in every two months, some homeowners wind up paying for a service call instead. The amount spent on that service call could have paid for a trunk full of filters.

Prevent Wear and Tear

When a technician providing Home HVAC Services in Hoffman Estate arrives to fix a furnace, a dirty filter may be connected to the problem. A clogged filter causes the furnace motor to work harder all winter, which results in more wear and tear of parts. Those parts probably would have lasted longer if the air could have flowed more smoothly through the appliance.

Technicians from a company such as Blue Frost Heating & Cooling advise homeowners to change filters during the summer, too, if they are running the central air conditioning regularly. In a climate like that of Illinois, furnaces tend to be operated substantially more often than air conditioning, but the filter can still become plugged with dirt over the summer. Check Blue Frost Heating & Cooling website for information on this particular organization.

Keep a Routine

People tend to forget about the filter, especially if they don’t keep a supply on hand and have a routine for changing them. The most conscientious of the bunch might change the filter on the day they pay the mortgage. Others haphazardly think about the device at some point in the middle of winter and try to remember when they last bought one.

Never Run the Furnace Without One

Although a clogged filter can cause a need for appliance repair, it’s essential that the household residents don’t simply remove a dirty filter and not replace it. The debris that normally would be blocked by the removable device now winds up inside the appliance and all over the components. That can cause serious and expensive trouble. If the furnace is old, it might need to be replaced. For more information visit us.