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The Best Practices for Maintaining Your HVAC in Park Ridge, IL

You want many years of comfort from your HVAC in Park Ridge, IL. To achieve this, here are some of the best maintenance practices.

Change the Filter Regularly

Your home’s heating and cooling system requires a clean filter every 30-90 days. The filter is responsible for removing airborne pollutants and preventing them from recirculating back into the air. Filter changes keep your system running its best and reduce system wear and tear. If you skip filter changes too often, you’ll notice decreased performance and higher utility bills. The exact replacement schedule depends on the filter type you use. Refer to the filter’s manufacturer recommendations for this information.

Schedule Professional Service Calls

Maintaining your HVAC system requires more than changing the filter. It also needs professional maintenance, which should be done twice a year. HVAC professionals recommend servicing the system in the spring before using the AC and in the fall before you need the heat. During these service calls, technicians check the unit for signs of disrepair, tighten and lubricate parts accordingly, and make minor adjustments to improve the unit’s performance.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

The more of a break you give your HVAC equipment, the longer it’ll run without major problems. Installing a smart thermostat is one way to do this. These thermostats determine household patterns and adjust the temperature to use energy more efficiently.

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