The Best Time of Year to Replace a Malfunctioning Furnace or Upgrade

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Air Conditioning Contractors

Furnaces work hard, especially during the cold winter months, to keep your home nice and warm. While consumers never give a second thought to replacing their furnaces, years of normal wear and tear often make replacement the only option, especially if you notice a decrease in your furnace’s performance.

To maximize your options for a replacement furnace in West Chicago, the best time to purchase a new unit is during spring.

More Value for Your Money

Since most furnace repair and replacements occur during the fall and winter months, you’ll likely find a number of great rebates, discounts and financing offers during the offseason.

If you’re lucky enough, you might even find a new model from the previous year that never made it into someone’s home. This is where the best deals can be found.

Quality Time With Your Technician

Making this all-important purchase in the spring will also give you a chance to speak with your HVAC technician one-on-one. While they do have a schedule to abide by, technicians are likely not as busy during the spring months.

Politely ask them any questions you may have about the operation of your furnace, how long it will last, what type of repairs you might have to do in the future and how to maximize financial savings during the winter months.

Trust Only the Best Technicians

The company you choose that specializes in repairs on furnaces in West Chicago should be reputable, customer service oriented and knowledgeable about the products they install.

With years of experience and some of the best technicians in Illinois, Blue Frost Heating & Cooling will take care of any furnace and HVAC related issues you may be facing. They offer free in-home estimates, stress-free consultations and maintain all the necessary certifications. Visit us schedule a free consultation.

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