The Important Services Offered by AC Contractors in Toledo, OH

by | May 23, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

Toledo, Ohio homeowners rely on air conditioning to keep homes comfortable during the hottest months. Modern units help control humidity and offer protection from scorching summers, so breakdowns can be dangerous. Fortunately, area homeowners can get help when they contact A-1 Heating & Improvement Co. These HVAC experts offer fast emergency help, improved indoor air quality and money saving replacement units.

Emergency Services Control Problems

AC contractors in Toledo OH provide fast 24/7 help designed to get systems up and running as soon as possible. Technicians arrive quickly when called and bring the parts needed to fix many in a single trip. They also accurately diagnose all problems and provide fair estimates. Even if they need to return with extra parts in order to restore equipment, professionals work efficiently and minimize customer inconvenience.

HVAC Experts Create Healthier Homes

Most established air conditioning contractors are trained to improve the quality of indoor air. They began offering the service a few years ago, when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) concluded that polluted indoor air has become a health hazard. It happens because modern, well-insulated homes tend to trap contaminants like dust mites, chemicals and even mold. These toxins are then distributed through vents, where they can contribute to breathing problems or irritate health conditions. When AC Contractors in Toledo OH find these issues, they can offer solutions. These include air filters that reduce allergens while removing dust and odors. Technicians might also recommend humidifiers, to make dry winter air easier to breath and reduce heating costs.

Professionals Offer Efficient Replacement Units

When customers want to upgrade older air conditioners or replace broken units, technicians help them make budget-friendly choices. They work with all major equipment manufacturers, which allows them to match homeowners with systems that are the right capacity for their needs. New air conditioners are also energy efficient, which lowers utility bills. In addition, professionals show clients how to qualify for any rebates or tax credits that the equipment qualifies them for.

An established HVAC company offers emergency services designed to keep customers safe and comfortable in hot weather. Contractors can also test and correct contaminated indoor air. In addition, they provide and install energy efficient replacement equipment that can help clients save money.

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