Things To Know Before Calling The Heat Pumps Contractor in Portland

by | May 24, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A heat pump works twofold. It not only heats the home in the winter months but, during the summer months, it works to cool the house. It does not actually use fuel to generate heat but instead acts more as a refrigerator does. As the liquid turns into gas, it absorbs heat. As the gas turns back into a liquid, heat emanates from it. In the summer, the heat pump is essentially an air conditioner, as the liquid refrigerant travels through the tubing and expands into a gas, thereby absorbing heat from inside the home and sending it outside.

The heat pump requires maintenance to ensure its continued operation. Most of the technical repairs will need to be performed by a Heat Pumps Contractor in Portland, but there are some things the homeowner can do to aid in its remaining functional. It is crucial to keep the air filter clean and also to remove any debris which may be present because these things can restrict the flow of the air.

Even if you keep the air filters clean on a regular basis, they will still need to be changed occasionally as they can wear out from use. There are also components of the heat pump that will need to be regularly lubricated. When the Heat Pumps Contractor in Portland installs the device, it should be on a level concrete platform. This is because proper balance is crucial to its mechanical integrity.

Since the unit is housed outside, it is subject to becoming clogged with such things as leaves, dirt, end even pine needles. These objects will obviously need to be removed from the machine for it to remain effective. To do this in the most efficient manner possible, remove the grill from the frame of the heat pump by simply unscrewing it. The power will need to be shut off before attempting this. Take the hose of a shop-vac and vacuum any loose debris that is visible.

For more complicated maintenance issues, it is best to call a licensed repairman such as those at . They will be able to keep your heat pump running smooth throughout the year.

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