Three Ways A Homeowner Can Keep Their HVAC System Running Reliably and Efficiently

by | Jun 19, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Most HVAC systems can operate for as long as 15 years, and still work efficiently and reliably. Getting this much longevity out of an HVAC unit requires proper maintenance. There are many things a homeowner can do to help increase the life expectancy of an HVAC unit, and ensure it is running as efficiently as possible. By doing the following things, it is possible to prevent a broad range of serious issues. Anyone who needs advice on how to perform maintenance can contact the HVAC professionals at J & S AIR INC in Austin TX.

Regular Filter Changes

An air filter serves to protect the internal workings of a furnace and clean any air before it passes through a home’s duct work. It is commonly recommended to replace them a minimum of once every three months, though some filter designs should be changed on a monthly basis. A dirty air filter can cause excess strain on the fan motor, and not having one can cause the internal workings of an HVAC system to become dirty and caked with dust and debris.

Limit Fan Usage

A central furnace fan is an excellent way to move air around a home. While a fan typically turns on when heating or cooling, some homeowners choose to run their fan to prevent the air in a home from becoming stagnant. Though it can be used for this purpose occasionally, extended periods of fan use can cause the motor to wear out more quickly and increase the required frequency of air filter maintenance.

Maintenance Contract

Most HVAC companies now provide homeowners with the ability to sign up for a maintenance contract, which provides routine maintenance of an HVAC system. For one price, a technician will come out twice a year to inspect the HVAC system and address any serious issues. Also, they will clean the unit and replace the air filter, so the machine stays operational.

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