Tips for Delaying the Eventual Need for Central Air Conditioner Repair in Endicott, NY

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When homeowners need to schedule Air Conditioner Repair in Endicott NY, they might write up a list of questions to ask the heating and cooling technician. This is the perfect time to learn ways to increase efficiency of the system and lengthen its lifespan. Since many people have misconceptions about the best way to operate the air conditioner, insight from a professional can help.

Use Fans

Fans use substantially less electricity than central air systems do, so running them allows household residents to raise the thermostat a couple of degrees. A ceiling fan or floor fan creates a breeze that helps everyone feel comfortable when the temperature is too warm. Setting the thermostat a bit higher means the central air doesn’t have to run as much, which delays the eventual need for Air Conditioner Repair in Endicott NY.

When everyone leaves the room for any length of time, the fans should be turned off. They don’t actually cool the air but, instead, help increase comfort for people and pets. They do also help somewhat with ventilation by distributing the cool air throughout the room, but that’s pointless when nobody is there.

One exception to this is when part of the house doesn’t have any heating and cooling registers, which sometimes is the case with a home addition. Since no cool air is coming directly into that area, a floor fan set up near the entry will draw cool air from the rest of the house into that space.

Turn up the Thermostat When Leaving

When all the household residents will be gone for the day, turning the thermostat up a few degrees is advisable. There’s no need to keep the place at a totally comfortable temperature when nobody is around. On the other hand, the air conditioning should not be turned off altogether on a hot day. The interior temperature might climb so high that the system will have to work very hard to bring it back down in late afternoon or early evening. That reduces the efficiency of central air conditioning as installed and maintained by an organization such as Fancher Appliance Inc. See the website  You can also visit them on Facebook.

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