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Tips for Troubleshooting Your Heating in Reno

A heating system is crucial for the cold winter months when temperatures can fall low at night. When a home is not properly heated, it can become extremely uncomfortable. The average lifespan of a heater is fifteen years though some can last up to twenty. It is important homeowners are aware of the signs they should look for to know their heating in Reno area is having problems. Troubleshooting a heater can allow a homeowner to know if they need to call for repairs.

This troubleshooting guide should help homeowners know the steps they need to take when their heater is not working properly:

  • The first step a homeowner should take in troubleshooting their Heating in Reno is to check their thermostat. This seems overly simple, but a faulty thermostat can lead to major problems in operation. If the thermostat appears to be working properly, a homeowner will need to move to the next step.

  • When the filters on a heating system become overly dirty, the system cannot properly function. Dirty filters can lead to overheating and can clog the system, causing a complete breakdown. If a system uses disposable filters, they should be changed every month. If they are washable, they need to be washed out at least twice a year and thoroughly dried before they are put back in place.

  • If a heater is run by gas, homeowners need to check to make sure the pilot light is properly lit. The igniter could also be having issues. Homeowners can shut off their gas reset valve and wait five to ten minutes to see if the igniter will work again.

  • It is also important to check all of the registers to make sure they are fully open and are not blocked. If none of these steps pinpoint the problem, it behooves a homeowner to call a professional HVAC repair company to ensure their system is properly repaired.

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