Vernon Hills Heating and Cooling: Top HVAC Maintenance Tips

by | Aug 23, 2022 | Air Conditioning Contractors

All HVAC units need servicing periodically. Air conditioners that aren’t well maintained or given a professional tune-up will eventually lose function and efficiency. Read on to learn more about determining the best servicing schedule for Vernon Hills heating and cooling equipment.

Service Your AC Unit Before the Cooling Season Begins

Spring is the ideal time to schedule AC tune-up services. Having the AC serviced before the summer heat arrives ensures it is ready to do its job well. A typical tune-up service includes cleaning the unit, checking for mechanical issues, and ensuring it works as efficiently as possible.

Have the Furnace Serviced in the Fall

Winter is long in Vernon Hills, and households want to make sure their heating systems are ready to go to work for you. It’s also a good idea to have the unit serviced again in the fall, focusing on the heating aspect of the HVAC unit. Also, if one experienced any problems with the AC system over the summer, fall is a great time to nip those problems in the bud before next year’s cooling season.

Maintain the Air Conditioner Between Professional Tune-Ups

Seasonal HVAC service helps the air conditioning and furnace work better and go farther. However, that doesn’t mean households are off the hook regarding maintaining the system throughout the year. Regular maintenance gives homeowners peace of mind when they give their HVAC equipment a TLC throughout the season. Keep an eye on Thermostats as well.

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