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What are a Few of the Indications Homeowners Need Shower Repairs?

Your home is your castle, and it should protect you. It’s not good, though, when you notice water marks on the ceilings. Those don’t appear because a shaken soda spewed on the ceiling. You’ve got water damages and perhaps need shower repair in St. Louis.

How Do Water Damages Manifest?

Water erodes everything over time. Paint will peel, buckle, and come away from the wall. The wooden wall will warp. You’ll smell the odor of rotting wood. Grout will loosen which will loosen the tiles. They’ll fall off the walls or come off the floor. Wood expands when it gets wet and then dries. This means windows and doors will jam. If you see any or all of these, call the pros quickly to avoid further damages.

Causes Of Water Leaks

A homeowner has no control over some reasons for water leaks such as movement of the earth. This causes gaps to occur in the foundation and framing of the house, so of course something might leak. Cheap materials like tile, waterproofing materials, grout, subflooring or backing board might save money, but they don’t always prevent leaks.

Commercially prepared chemical cleaners have done their part to eat away at the waterproofing material applied to showers. If you are in need of shower repair in St. Louis, Classic Aire Care can spot leaks quickly and repair them with good quality materials. Just contact us and we’ll get started.