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When to Call for a Heating and Cooling Repair in Virginia Beach

Heating and air conditioning systems seem to go out at the worst possible time, but if a homeowner knows what to look out for, they can stay on top of any issues that may arise. When an owner notices a problem, they will want to call for an HVAC repair in Virginia Beach as soon as possible. While something may seem minor, it can turn into a major problem in the HVAC world. Keeping an eye out for issues will help to ensure prompt repairs.

Strange Noises

Every HVAC system will make noise. That’s just the nature of having fans and movable parts. So, if an owner hears a noise that is within the normal range, there is nothing to worry about. However, if there is a squealing or knocking sound, this is an indication that something is wrong with the unit. This sound can come from the indoor or outdoor unit. In some cases, both units can develop weird sounds. Immediately calling for a repair will help get this issue resolved.

Not Working at All

In some cases, the unit may not come on at all. This can be for a variety of different reasons. The breaker may be tripped, a pilot light may be out, or the thermostat has gone bad. There could also be a more severe issue with the system. Calling for an HVAC repair in Virginia Beach will help to ensure that the issues are quickly resolved and the home is heated and cooled properly.

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